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2 August 2003
Edited by Nekokoneko
Team LD-Anime

mewmew-vorbis-ssa.mkv ( right click, 'save as' )
Last Modified
27-July-2003 (previously known as v.6 beta)
XviD Video + 1 Vorbis + 16 SSAs

How To Play This Sample on Windows 2000/XP

What is the easist way?

  1. Install XviD and CoreVorbis if you don't have them.
  2. Use our Matroska Mew Mew Installer.

What Do I Need?

You need:

  1. XviD codec
  2. DirectShow Filter for Vorbis audio
  3. DirectShow Filter supporting SSA'ed Matroska
  4. VSFilter (previously DVobSub)

(1) First, make sure you have:

(2) If you use Media Player Classic or later in the VMR-9 mode, you are already ready to play SSA'ed Matroska.


(3-A) To handle SSA'ed Matroska, you need:

[*1] Matroska Splitter works fine, though you cannot use Unicode characters in the file path (Recommended) supports Unicode filenames, but can't handle SSA well. (Don't use it) has the same problem. (Don't use it) is still slightly problematic. or newer should be fine.

(3-B) To render subs, you need:

NOTE: VSFilter is a newer form of Direct VobSub:
If you already have VobSub 2.23, just install VS Filter. You don't have to uninstall VobSub.
If you don't have VobSub, just install VS Filter. You don't have to install VobSub 2.23.
If you have VS Filter 2.26 or older, update it to 2.27 or newer.

How Can I Install DirectShow Filter for Matroska and VSFilter?

(1) If an installer (newer than 0.4.3) is officially provided, you may want to use it. (Note: MatroskaPack v.0.4.3 doesn't support SSA.)

(2) OR: Get our "Matroska Mew Mew Installer" (, unzip it, and click install.bat. This will install MatroskaSplitter and VSFilter 2.27.

How Can I Switch Subtitles Languages?

(1) In DirectVobSub, right click the green arrow icon, and you'll get the menu.

(2) In MPC's renderer, go to Play | Subtitles.

(3) In TCMP 4.0 RC3, right click on the screen and switch languages using "Audio Stream" menu.

(4) In Zoom Player 3.10, right click on the screen and use "Language" menu.

Note for Specific Players

TCMP 4.0 RC3
Uncheck "Enable Dynamic Equalizer." Otherwise, MKV doesn't play.
It might be safer to also uncheck "Enable On Screen Display."
BSPlayer (0.86 Build 500)
You may have to tweak the Video settings. For me, "NOT use VMR-9 / USE overlay Mode 2" works fine.
Zoom Player 3.10
Hit [Alt] + [2] to zoom video to the original size.
Sasami2K (#757)
Select "Bypass-mode" in "Control options."
To open OGM/MKV easily, hack your .ini (in "Language" folder) like this:
- Available formats |*.avi; *.mpg; ... *.wav;
+ Available formats |*.avi; *.mpg; ... *.wav; *.ogm; *.mkv
Windows Media Player 6.4
Like MPC, you can switch languages also in the "Play | Language" menu. (WMP 6.4 is actually cooler than WMP 9.)
Light Alloy (v.2.4)
If you have troubles, Video | Force overlay usage might help.


What's "SSA'ed"?

It means "softsubbed in SSA," or switchable/customizable "rich subtitles" in SSA format are embedded.

How can I set MPC in the VMR-9 mode?

Open the "Options" dialog box, and select "Video Mixing Render 9 (Renderless)" in "Playback | Output | Video." You need DirectX 9.0 or newer, and a hardware accelerated D3D video card.

I see subtitles doubly in MPC.

You are getting subtitles both from MPC itself and from DirectVobSub. Just disable one of the two. If you are going to use MPC only, you may want to uninstall VSFilter, or less radically: Open the DirectVobSub setting dialog box, go to the "misc" tab, and check "Hide Subtitles." Then your DirectVobSub won't show subtitles by default.

How to Enable Dynamic Effects Like Karaoke

(1) If you are using VSFilter (DirectVobSub) to render subtitles, right click the green arrow icon and select "DirectVobSub." You'll get the setting dialog box. Go to the "misc" tab, and uncheck "Pre-buffer subpictures."

(2) If you are using MPC's intrinsic subtitle renderer: Go to View | Options... | Subtitles | Texture Settings and set "Number of subpictures to buffer ahead" = 0. If your CPU is not very fast, you may want to lower "Maximum texture resolution" in the same pane.

These settings are not recommended for general purposes, unless your CPU is very fast.

My subs are messed up. Strange codes come with "real" subs!

This happens when VobSub is old. The newest version at is 2.23 as of today. But you have to use VSFilter 2.27 or newer. (You don't have to uninstall VobSub to install VSFilter.)

I can't see subs!

If you have toubles in DirectVobSub, try MPC in the VMR-9 mode instead.

How can I hide subtitles?

In the language menu, select "Hide subtitles" or uncheck "enable."

My CPU is not very fast. Can I still replay SSA'ed Matroska?

The best you can try is, probably to use MPC in the VMR-9 mode, with the least "Maximum texture resolution." (384x298) You may also want to increase the "Number of subpictures to buffer ahead."



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